Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

by wise2admin

Our main goal is delivering value-adding solutions through comprehensive studies. Our technical and operational expertise, integrity, and professionalism back our results.

Our leadership team works directly with our clients to identify improvement areas, define a work plan and schedule, assign resources, establish methods and procedures, and follow up on execution, to deliver actionable solutions that will create value and increase efficiency.

The team draws on its diverse skill set, its resourcefulness, and years of oil exploration and production experience to offer our clients the highest quality service and results.

Oil Investment

Oil will remain a key energy source in america and the world for many years in the horizon. Our approach to the market and comprehensive financial analysis allows us to offer sector investors a variety of alternatives to take advantage of the low-price environment and secure a position that will return their investment and become a key source of revenue.

Petroleum Reserve Estimations

We provide expert advice for reporting petroleum reserves that are compliant with SEC and SPE-PRMS guidelines.

Proven to be a successful method for integrated and comprehensive understanding of the reservoir and resource distribution, 3D reservoir modeling is one of the main deliverables offered by Wise Oil Group under the Integrated Studies umbrella.

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Our group of experts works in a multidisciplinary environment to integrate results and maximize efficiency, incorporating all elements of reservoir characterization and management into feasible development solutions.

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