3D Geological Modeling

3D Geological Modeling

by wise2admin
Proven to be a successful method for integrated and comprehensive understanding of the reservoir and resource distribution, 3D reservoir modeling is one of the main deliverables offered by Wise Oil Group under the Integrated Studies umbrella.

Once an action plan and schedule are defined, our reservoir modeling experts begin gathering and quality controlling the data, which is then incorporated into a platform suitable for our clients.

Depending on the scope of the project, a series of methods is used to provide interpretation and integration of all data, regional understanding, analogs and any other source of information into a functional, representative and accurate 3D reservoir model.

In most cases, the 3D reservoir model becomes the basis for further studies. The options are wide and they can range from infill drilling target selection, to complex reservoir engineering and uncertainty analysis studies. At Wise Oil Group, we offer every option for our clients to select the ones that best accommodate their time constrains and budget.

All analysis and interpretations become part of the 3D model that is delivered along with our results.